Lindsay Chasse Nygaard
A cool breeze on a crisp Autumn evening; the musical chorus of Spring Peepers by a pond; and the crunching of dry leaves beneath heavy feet. Whenever I am outside and surrounded by the natural landscape all current worries seem to evaporate. It’s a feeling of simplicity in some ways- free of the usual daily, fast paced functions and demands of society, but also a feeling of complexity- a total sense of respect and awe for the organisms that live day by day in an unpredictable and sometimes unforgiving environment.

Many of my current works are focused on noticing and bringing attention to common occurrences that can be seen and experienced in nature. Unusual points of view and close-ups of smaller organisms are exposed to engage the viewer with these life-forms. It is my hope that one may develop a more observant eye and a sharpened awareness of their other senses to enjoy and peacefully co-exist with other life-forms with which we share this planet.